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The clumsy noob takes a detour

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Posted · The clumsy noob takes a detour

I have not gotten around to the large Enterprise yet or done anymore on the Polycarbonate tests this last week. And with good reason. I've been trying to quit smoking.

Now, it is not the addiction that kills me. It is the habit, the routine, the hand to mouth. After about 3 days nicotine is out of your system. But not the habit. Ergo, I am replacing that part with Cinnamon Toothpicks I am making with cinnamon oils and, well, toothpicks.

If you make them and leave them out, the flavor just goes away. So I made my own container this week to hold and carry them like a pack of cigarettes. Much healthier, and, I will betcha, bunches better breath ;)

So, after a buncha trial and error here....we....go....

It is a two color nylon print, so had to use the supports of nylon. Once I got the hang of that, they were not hard to remove, and no need for a priming tower.

Right out of the printer and still in the ooze shield:


And right out of the ooze shield. Slid right out :)


Here you can see the underside with the support structure in place. The shiny, plastic looking sheeting is the PVA slurry I recycle. Held the nylon down quite well.


This is the interior of the support structure before removing from the container interior.


I made the design to be a nylon casing with PETG sleeves to keep the nylon from absorbing the cinnamon oil. You can see that the ooze shield did not stop all the 'color bleed' from one nozzle to the other on the Red and White nylon container. This is them side by side:


Loaded up with Toothpicks and ready to keep that oral fixation at bay :)


With the top snapped closed. That was the toughest part. Having played with living hinges in theory and test prints, it is different to make a functioning, snap top that closes properly. A lot of test prints.


And from the side.


These were the test prints at 0.2MM. The sleeves do not need to be any more refined, but I am printing out the nylon box at 0.6MM just so that, I hope, it really cleans up nicely. That will take about 24 hours, provided there are no errors or air printing or whatnot.

But, I had to get this done as I really need to quit smoking. As soon as this is done, back on to the large Enterprise and then more Polycarbonate printing/testing/support tests.

I am bit stoked about the support tests as I got a bit of a hang with the non-PVA supports being easy to remove.

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