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Ultimaker 3 - recurrent Gcode error

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Hello. Could you help me with this problem?


We are facing a recurrent problem with our Ultimaker 3 extended

The prints stop with the same error message: 'An error occurred while

processing this print job. Line nr = ...' (see pic attached).

The gcode is generated with Cura 2.5 downloaded on Ultimaker website,

and this error keeps happening more than 50% of the time, with different


Resetting the firmware and updating it didn't help.

Could it be a problem with the usb stick?

We are not able to find helpful information online regarding this

problem, could you please help us?

Thanks a lot.


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I have never seen this. I recommend also asking your reseller. But yes I would immediately change the usb stick to another brand. Get the smallest you can (I think I use a 4GB one right now but not sure).

Does it get this part way through the print?

It's possible to continue a failed print if you keep the bed hot or part will pop off. You have to know right where it failed (Z value) and then you mostly just edit the gcode removing everything up to that spot but keeping the very first bits. But I'm worried the gantry will knock over your very tall print when it goes to prime the nozzle. I dont' know how to disable the nozzle priming on the UM3. I've never continued a large print on UM3. Only UM2.

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For whoever else has the same problem...

This error can have 3 causes:


  1. Broken usb stick. this happens, try printing via network?
  2. You did not eject the USB drive properly after copying files to it?
  3. There is a communication error in the serial connection inside the printer and the motion controller(marlin) receives the gcode garbled.


The last one is only really visible since a testing version 3.6.90 but has been possible for ever (never saw it before that version though, mind you I've seen point 1 and 2 happen occasionally before then).

If you have ruled out the top 2 possibilities and you are using 3.6.90 installed please downgrade to a stable release.

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