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Problems with my new Ultimaker 3 Extendend

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Posted · Problems with my new Ultimaker 3 Extendend


I´m german, so please excuse my Bad English. If someone can help in German - it´s

Perfect, but in English it will help me, too! Thanks for all Help!

I have the new Ultimaker 3 Extended since 2 Days.

I have two Problems now with it - very fast...

The First Problem is, that the Example Filament, which was at the Printer Package,

PLA silver, I has loaded it at Extruder 1, will not be detected. PVA has I not tested,

because the Problem 2 is bigger than that one...

I work with Simplify 3D and I has choosen Ultimaker 3 Extended at Simplify 3D.

The first, I´ve seen, it set a very Large Retract (6,25 mm).  Very much for Metall hotends, I

think so. The Print I set will not work at 10 cm high. It will stop tract the Filament.

So I set it to Lower Retract (4,5 mm), the Print is bad, but the Print will work until 15 mm

high. Now I Set the Retract to 6,2 mm like Simplify 3D wanted at first. The second Change,

I set the Temperature Up to 240 Grad and the Speed to max. 200 mm/s (first test was up to 260 mm/s.

What will be Wrong on the Print? What can I do to?

And why does the Chip-Filament will not detected? The cable is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    Posted · Problems with my new Ultimaker 3 Extendend

    As far as I know, the Ultimaker 3 products are not compatible with S3D, only Cura. S3D uses some different underlying scripts that S3D does not support at the moment, so to fully take advantage of the beautiful hardware of the UM3, I would recommend Cura.

    And about your PVA, try moving the spool arround, and then try to put the PLA on extruder 2 and see if it detects the PLA. I am just trying to diagnose the problem.

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    Posted · Problems with my new Ultimaker 3 Extendend

    There are some people who use S3D to their satisfaction, but it is a third party slicer so perhaps it is not the ideal way to start. Have you tried using Cura?

    It is very likely that the issue you are experiencing is caused by the slicer, and not by your hardware.

    Regarding the detection, are you sure the cables are fully inserted? Try to move the filament around on the spool and see if this triggers a detection.

    Good luck!

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    Posted · Problems with my new Ultimaker 3 Extendend

    On S3D you will need to manually select the material on the profile.

    Cura does work best for dual prints on um3, specially because it uses many tricks to fit the printhead to the slice. S3D is imo a far superior slicer for single extrusion, but cura has an automatic heat/cold calculator that allows to avoid wait/heat/cold when switching from core 1 to core 2. So, even when the slice is better, it will take more time to print.

    Settings wise, if you are a experienced user of S3D it will be really easy to use the same settings that UM uses on Cura.

    About the long retractions l, that's the values Cura uses. They are long, they can grind the filament when outside Cura parameters (um2/um3 feeder has some limitations for feed/retract amounts, that S3D doesn't take into account). Ofc Cura is made for um3, but that doesn't matter that s3d won't work, you will just need to carefully select your options and get use to.

    S3D profile, just like um2 one, is quite bad IMO. I made some long ago but since I don't use the um3 I stopped developing it.

    So. First test the same object in Cura, just to check the machine is ok. The. Move to S3D double checking all parameters.

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