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Error - stopped temp sensor

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Which printer? Advice is very different depending on the printer. Basically though this is usually easy to fix. It's usually a loose wire. On UMO it's probably on the head near the green screw terminals.

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You might need a new one.  There are a few videos showing how to take it apart and replace it out there.  I see you are in USA (do you know a "king_george_fn"?  I know a moocow on AOC) so you might want to buy one from my store.

The basic problem is something is loose. These go above 200C and even 250C (melting point of normal solder and pure lead solder) so they can't be soldered.  Instead they are crimped (inside that metal cylinder).  Sometimes after repeated heating and cooling the metals no longer hold the wire to the pt100 chip very well.

Before buying anything I would take the bottom cover off and find the temp sensor wire and pull it off and ohm it out with an ohm meter.  It could be that it's just loose on the board.  But most likely it's failed inside the metal cylinder (the end inside the block) and not worth trying to break open and repair).

Did you by any chance try to remove it from the block once?  If so then you could have broken it at that time.  It is very hard to get them out without breaking but I have the technique down.  I"ve done about 15 and only broken about 2.  None recently.

My store is thegr5store.com.  fbrc8.com also sells temp sensors for um2.

If you don't already have an Olsson block or block v3 this is your chance to replace that at the same time! And get a 35W heater while you are at it if you don't have the "plus" upgrade yet.

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