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Problem with larger spool of filament

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Posted (edited) · Problem with larger spool of filament

I was using the ESUN 1kg filament and experience a problem with the original spool holder (the end part which guides the Extruder 1 Material.


It basically won't fit in. So I remove it and print without it. Then here comes a problem... When the spool is pretty new, it (the PLA) will roll out of the spool and got stuck onto the PVA spool; then it started printing nothing and I have to reprint again......

Any way to solve this issue?d3v5bfco3dani2.cloudfront.net

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Posted · Problem with larger spool of filament

This is a total kluge, but I take the part that is supposed to hold the printer and feed the filament through the hole to serve its purpose. BUT!! I put the oversized spool on the holder without putting the guide in the spool itself. I actually let it hang off the table my printer is on and let gravity take care of it.

As I have gone through some spools of filament, I save the properly sized ones and 're-roll' filament onto it. This way:

A) If I have another vendors PLA (for instance) it can be recognized without going through that extra step. And, most other vendors, their spools are not the same size or weight.

B) Should the spool from another vendor be 'too heavy', the proper sized spool will hold the correct weight and provide the needed size to fit comfortably. If a roll is too heavy, it can bind against itself and cause issues.

If a roll does not have the feeder to 'guide it' as it come off, it can get binded into itself.

I know 'binded' is not a real word, but 'bound' sounds like it is tied up. Tangled may be a better way to put it, but I like binded as it is binding into its own crevices as it feeds.

Of course, now that I think about it, it could be kinky filament, which opens a whole host of other issues. :p Yes, it is a silly play on words.......

At some point, I will print out the parts to make a dry-box that will alleviate that problem and the angles at which the filaments are feeding into the feeder. That would be a new spool holder and such.

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