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Posted · Arduino Mega G-Code FWD

Hello Community

I'm trying to connect an second arduino with the Mega from the Ultimaker electronics. My plan was to connect the second to an free RX/TX port on the Mega to add an custom G-Code for changing the color. (e.g G66 255, 255, 255)

I don't know if the electronics uses the PWM outputs from the Mega. If so, I need an extra board. If not - direct attach the Dioder Lights to the Mega with a Darlington Array and an extra power supply. (from here: http://ikennd.ac/blog/2011/09/arduino-dioder-part-one/)

An example would be to change the Color every line or to change the light when finished printing with start end G-Code)

Can somebody help me with the programming in Marlin and tell me wich pins are reserved/used?

Greets, Noc


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    Posted · Arduino Mega G-Code FWD

    Yeah, thanks for that Link!

    So I'll have to use expansion 3. Based on 2 RGB Channels, I need 6 PWM outputs.

    The 1.5.7 Electronic has an LEDs output Pin. How much Power does it support?

    I messured 18,8V. That would be perfect for the Dioder (with a step-down Board)

    The Wiki says: "A PWM output with power for LED arrays and other lighting"

    What is the exact current?



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