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Dual Extrusion 13.03 - first test

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So have done 1st test with this.

Issue so far is that the second extruder is not being used - both support

AND model are being printed by #1 extruder which means

that the support is offset by the extruder offset.

I have ticked the "SUPPORT DUAL EXTRUSION" icon in CURA, and

uploaded the firmware from CURA.

As you can see the two nozzles are showing up in the Ulticontroller, and

can be made to heat up independantly with the UController too.

Any ideas Daid ?

Thanks in advance


Dual Cura OS Sup130413 223609130413 223550130413 223540130413 223527CURA SwitchCodeCURA No toolchangeNetfab No Dual1st Sucess Dual Extrusion1st Sucess Dual Extrusion - top view1st Sucess Dual Extrusion - side view (strings removed)1st Sucess Dual Extrusion - part removed from bed, strings removed1st Sucess Dual Extrusion - part removed from bed, strings removed1st Sucess Dual Extrusion - part removed from bed, strings removed



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So as mentioned elsewhere the 2nd extruder does "work" as I tested it with KS by just selecting "extruder 2" for everything.

So here is the code that CURA 13.03 is supposed to insert during extruder change, BUT if i look in the GCODE output none of these lines appear in the GCODE...

I assume there is some setting or something somewhere that I am supposed to make....

CURA SwitchCode



CURA No toolchange


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Hi it's me again..

I was just wondering if you loaded two different .stl files or just one?

As far as i got it, you would have to load a "support structure"-file and a "part"-file.

Have you been trying this file http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23008 or any other print containing two .stl-files?

Sorry if this is not your problem but thought that you might have bet it wrong since you are usually not working with cura.



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I am only interested in using 2nd Extruder for support material.

So am not making 2 STLs then loading using the "load dual" option.

You cannot really "draw" the support material (unless its a really simple shape) so I think this is not required when just asking it to print support in 2nd extruder.



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interesting since i didn´t know, that one could tell cura to print the support-struct using the second head.

Thought you always have to give it a second stl.

it would just be interesting if you can use the dual-color-function while using two STL'

s as in the mentioned file or if this aswell results in errors.

in the end, i also just want to print the support struct, but would have started by using one of the existing files from thingiverse. so i did not use the dual-load function yet, but have been running cura with "SUPPORT DUAL EXTRUSION" for a while. Never found an option for printing with the(not yet working extruder #2). How and where did you change the setting if you did this at all?!




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hi guys,

just checked both features. got the same problems as you two while using the second head as daid intended

and ended up with a totaly cold second head on printing a "dual-load".

Since I am still running without a second extruder-stepper, i can´t tell if the extruder has been working the way it should but the head movements intended that everything else was going the way it should....

hopefully, i will be able to retry tomorrow after recieving the motor.

Would be cool if Daid could checkout the trouble concerning the support-structure.


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Could be that I broke something in 13.03 in relation to the dual-extrusion support, I think it was working in the 13.01 testing version or the 12.12 release. So you could check out those.

(Don't expect perfect results, there are still some problems with double retractions and wrong move locations happening with dual-extrusion)


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I've found the bug :

In Cura\slice\cura_sf\fabmetheus_utilities\settings.py, line 384 : 'Activate_Alteration' is set to "false", set it to "True" and the extruder switching gcode will be written in the output file. It will also double the start and end gcode, to correct that, in Cura\slice\__main__.py, disable the lines 55, 87 and 88 with a # at the beginning of the lines, like this :

Line 55 :


#resultFile.write(profile.getAlterationFileContents('start.gcode').replace('?filename?', ' '.join(filenames).encode('ascii', 'replace')))

Lines 87 - 88 :



It will leaves 2x ";TYPE:CUSTOM" at the beginning of the file, but only one start and end procedure.


This fix only works for printing support structures with a dual extruder, it doesn't work with a 2 parts object.

In order to make it work with a 2 parts object, we need to add a bit of code :

in Cura_13.03\Cura\slice\cura_sf\fabmetheus_utilities\settings.py, line 384 :


'Activate_Alteration': storedSetting("support_dual_extrusion"),

in Cura_13.03\Cura\slice\__main__.py, line 53 to 57 :


if idx == 0:
if profile.getProfileSetting('support_dual_extrusion') == 'False':
resultFile.write(profile.getAlterationFileContents('start.gcode').replace('?filename?', ' '.join(filenames).encode('ascii', 'replace')))

and in lines 88 to 90:


if profile.getProfileSetting('support_dual_extrusion') == 'False':

Now, it should work with a 2 parts object too if you uncheck "support dual extrusion"


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hello snowygrouch,

since you succesfully build your own dual extruder I would like to ask you from where did you get the second little pcb on top of the extruder for connecting the second termistor? Did you get it from ultimaker directly or did you make a homemade workaround for that?


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Sounds like a working fix from Petrus. Note that I'm not planning to release any SF based Cura anymore, as my new engine is making leaps of progress. And that has dual-extrusion support build in instead of hacked on top.


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Not sure yet. I still have a quality bug to squash, which is pretty important. Feature wise it's missing a few minor things compared to 13.04, but most of those are not extremely difficult to add. But I hope pretty soon. I think we can live with a release which is missing a few minor things from 13.04 for a lot of other improvements.


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