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Posted · Broken AA Core tab

Hey everyone!

My institution recently purchased a UM3 and a scanner on grant money for an upcoming project. I've been 3D printing at home for a couple of years now (prusa i3), and since we're a pretty small college, I've been tasked with a lot of setup/answering questions: something I don't mind at all.

Yesterday I had a print fail (I'm thinking retraction settings, but that's neither here nor there). I was going to pull the AA core out to check for clogs, and to change out the filament. I ran the core swap process (an absolute dream coming from reprap land), the head moved to its spot and I took it out: easy peasy. But when it came time to put it back in, the clear tab at the top (polycarbonate?) snapped, right at the two thinnest spots.

I did nothing different and applied the same pressure when I was setting up the printer and removing said core: has this happened to anyone else? I know UM hasn't released the schematics yet, but has anyone printed replacement parts (yet)?

Thanks for y'alls input. So far this has been a super great machine to work with (and I've been using Cura as my own slicer for years, well done!)

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    Posted · Broken AA Core tab

    Hi and welcome!

    Nice you enjoy this machine. About the core plaatic broken, I don't see anything wrong here on your side, you should be able to get a replacement from your UM reseller.

    Unless someone sees it otherwise?

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    Posted · Broken AA Core tab

    Hi, gardnert, that definitely doesn't look good. Since you're in the US, reach out to our team at Support@fbrc8.com.


    Thanks! Our original vendor pointed us to you, small world! The return/replacement process is already underway. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Posted · Broken AA Core tab

    Mine broke around the screw, the local dealer 'Creative tools' here in Halmstad Sweden say they don't have it as spare part, just the hole print core.


    that is correct, you'd replace the whole printcore. replacing this 1 part is a total pain and it's better to just replace the core.

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    Posted · Broken AA Core tab

    Agreed. You wouldn't want to take it apart, and getting a whole new print core only sounds like a better deal, no? ;)

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    Posted (edited) · Broken AA Core tab


    You can print a new one!

    The file is on GitHub


    file is: 2129-F

    STEP to transform into STL or you can download from below!

    Original Tab is Polycarbonate (PC). Print it in CPE or in CPE+ and it won't stress crack anymore and it will be almost transparent.

    PC  stress-cracks under stress when in contact with oil...





    2129-F (repaired).stl

    Edited by ludo06
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