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Fragile parts with poor surface finish

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Posted · Fragile parts with poor surface finish

I'm having trouble printing parts of any real quality.

I'm printing in NGEN with a 0.4 nozzle. My parts are coming out with a very rough surface finish with lots of fine whiskers hanging off. Printing time seems excessive, often being 5 or 6 hours. Also the parts produced are fragile and brittle.

There are so many settings to be adjusted and I cannot find any coherent explanation of their effects and how I should work through them.

I am finding this website extremely cluttered and the chatroom doesn't work, so I'm struggling to get any support. Can anybody help me out?

All at sea


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Posted · Fragile parts with poor surface finish

Most people here print with PLA. But there are a few who print ngen. I've only printed a few dozen parts with ngen. You really need to post a photo. nGen is a higher temp material so it is a little harder to print than PLA. It's not as hard as ABS but the harder the material, the longer it takes to get good at it.

Without a photo I'm not sure but as far as "5 or 6 hours" that's normal for a part the size of my fist. 3d printer is slow.

Regarding "fragile and brittle" that sounds completely wrong with nGen. nGen is pretty strong normally. Like legos. Unless you consider legos fragile. Unless it is breaking along layer lines. If it is breaking along layer lines then the problem is that you aren't melting the layer below enough for a good bond. PLA doesn't have this problem which is one of 100 reasons PLA is so great. So if you have layer adhesion issues, raise the temp 10C and reduce the fan to lowest speed. If you have a um3 that would be around 3%. If you have a um2 that would be around 30%.

Please feedback to us more information along with a photo and what kind of printer you have.

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