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Print not sticking to infill (pic)

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Is this PLA?  If so make sure fans are really cranked.  More fan!  If this is a higher glass temp material than... less fan.  What kind of printer is this?  In general we call this "pillowing".


Yes this is PLA, I'm using a Tevo Tarantula i3. I have my fan speed at 40% with dual fans, I'll try to crank this up and see if it helps.


Also maybe slow the printer down to 1/3 speed for the top layer.  What is your print speed?


Print speed in Cura is 50mm/s. I don't see a setting for top layer speed, perhaps Initial layer speed? This is set to 25mm/s

Thanks for all the help.

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Cura will turn the fans on gradually so the PID algorithm has time to adjust. It sounds like your fans aren't aimed well - you want them on the part but not on the nozzle.

There is a setting in cura where you set it to full speed at a certain height - default I think used to be 5mm which was much too high - should be more like 1mm. Cura will move the print speed and fan speed slowly in linear steps as it goes from bottom layer to the "full speed" layer height. So you can play with those settings to make the fan come on gradually.

I'm really not sure but I suspect more fan will help you. Slower print speed will probably also help at least for the first layer where you switch from "infill" layers to "top" layers.

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