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Why is Ultimaker 2+ limited to 3mm filament?

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After building (and still futzing with for months) an ANYCUBIC Prusa i3 Mendel, I'm looking at Ultimaker as a next possibility. I'm more of an artist than an engineer, and although the retail price of an Ultimaker 2+ in New Zealand is pretty steep, I'm looking at a printer that will allow me to create and build rather than futz. The i3's Chinglish manual is so poorly written and illustrated it drove me round the twist. Their aluminium build plate was bent and some of the other kit parts were questionable. I haven't yet printed a damn thing :)

I've been doing lots of reading about Ultimaker. Is it correct that Ultimaker use only 3mm (2.85mm) filament and what is the primary reason for that? Much of the filament available in NZ is 1.75mm.

Thanks and greetings to all.

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Hi @Nzo, welcome to our forums!

It is true that by default the Ultimaker is designed to use 2.85mm filament (sometimes advertised as 3mm, but in reality, it should be 2.85mm).

Part of the reason for this is because we use a bowden tube system which means the extruder motor is on the back and pushes the material forward through a bowden tube. Having slightly thicker material makes it more rigid and easier to push forward through a bowden tube. @Labern, can you shed some light on where you usually source your filaments?

There are third party modifications that allow you to convert your Ultimaker to 1.75mm filament if you are interested.

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Hi @nzo

Where in NZ are you?

There are lots of 2 85mm filament in NZ. Yes the local stationary warehouse stock 1.75 but Diamond age which has very good quality filament.

Mind kits also stocks 2.85mm and there are a few others.

I also import some like colorfabb at a good price per roll if you order the right amount.

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I'm so sorry to be so long replying!

Thank you for your responses SandervG and Labern. Is there a notification setting when there are replies to my posts?

Labern - I'm in Manukau City, Auckland.


I'm also in Auckland.

Yes the notification settings can be changed if you click your profile picture in the top right of your browser.

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