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Problem with sliced gcode

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Hey there,

i use Cura 2.6 on my CTC an have the Problem, that the Printer with the Cura sliced Code won't print correctly. He goes fast on strait lines and very slow on corners but extrude a lot of filament there.

I made a Video of the behavior

I try'd Acceleration on and off, but nothing changes. with S3D it prints without any problems.

Here is a bit of my gcode:


;FLAVOR:RepRap;TIME:7693;Filament used: 3.77668m;Layer height: 0.15;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.6.0M73 P0 ; Enable build progressG162 X Y F3000 ; Home XY maximumG161 Z F1200 ; Home Z minimumG92 X0 Y0 Z0 A0 B0 ; Zero all coordinates temporarilyG1 Z5 F900 ; move platform away 5mmG161 Z F100 ; home platform again slowlyM132 X Y Z ; Recall home offsetsG1 X-150 Y-75 Z30 F9000 ; Move to wait position off table // 9000G130 X20 Y20 A20 B20 ; Lower stepper Vrefs while heatingM106 S0 ; Set fan speedM140 S70 T0 ; Heat buildplateM134 T0 ; Stabilize bed temperatureM104 S210.0 T0 ; Heat extruderM133 T0 ; Stabilize extruder temperatureG130 X118 Y118 Z40 A118 B118 ; Default stepper VrefsT0 ; Extruding a bit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!G1 F200 E20              ;extrude a bitG92 E0                  ;zero the extruded length againG161 Z F1200 ; Home Z minimumM70 P1 (Der Druck beginnt jetzt...)G92 A0 B0 ; Zero extrudersM73 P1 ;@body (notify GPX body has started)(@body);LAYER_COUNT:232;LAYER:0M107G0 F3900 X-4.575 Y-11.85 Z0.15;TYPE:SKIRTG1 F2100 X7.297 Y-11.89 E0.11724G1 X12.698 Y-12.196 E0.17067G1 X18.064 Y-12.805 E0.224G1 X23.412 Y-13.722 E0.27758G1 X25.985 Y-14.276 E0.30358G1 X28.62 Y-14.921 E0.33037G1 X33.806 Y-16.428 E0.3837G1 X38.906 Y-18.228 E0.43711G1 X43.886 Y-20.311 E0.49042G1 X49.123 Y-22.872 E0.54799G1 X49.684 Y-23.102 E0.55398G1 X50.271 Y-23.256 E0.55997G1 X51.143 Y-23.34 E0.56862G1 X55.483 Y-23.341 E0.61148G1 X56.088 Y-23.301 E0.61747G1 X56.682 Y-23.182 E0.62345


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I think so, the Code from S3D looks like this

; skirt
G1 X27.690 Y-2.129 F7800
G1 E0.9600 F1080
G1 X27.839 Y-1.570 E0.0144 F1260
G1 X27.848 Y-1.528 E0.0011
G1 X27.915 Y-1.143 E0.0097
G1 X27.921 Y-1.101 E0.0011
G1 X27.996 Y-0.238 E0.0216
G1 X27.998 Y-0.195 E0.0011
G1 X27.998 Y0.195 E0.0097
G1 X27.996 Y0.238 E0.0011
G1 X27.921 Y1.101 E0.0216
G1 X27.915 Y1.143 E0.0011
G1 X27.848 Y1.528 E0.0097
G1 X27.839 Y1.570 E0.0011
G1 X27.692 Y2.123 E0.0143
G1 X27.845 Y2.277 E0.0054
G1 X27.998 Y2.644 E0.0099
G1 X27.998 Y8.356 E0.1425
G1 X27.845 Y8.723 E0.0099
G1 X27.569 Y9.000 E0.0098
G1 X27.845 Y9.277 E0.0098
G1 X27.998 Y9.644 E0.0099

So what can i do?

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I have OctoPrint on my Printer, because he can only use x3g files.

I setup GPX in Octoprint to use Marlin Flavor, did it also in Cura.


Sorry, I know nothing about GPX but I see that it can be told the filament diameter and so I am wondering whether there's a mismatch between what cura thinks the diameter is and what GPX thinks it is and so that's causing under-extrusion?

Good luck!

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Ever since upgrading to 2.6 I have had problems with prints. Couldn't get prints to stick and even when they did was paper thin honeycomb consistency and the print would just fold when removing.

I went back and printed a calibration cube sliced in 2.4 and had no issues, Sliced a new cube with the same settings in 2.6. Total failure.

I compared the gcode files with software and found very little the same. The main striking thing was the estimate of filament usage. The 2.6 generated gcode was going to use 37.7% less filament. Deleted all my config files, re-imported them and sliced again in 2.6. Same thing. I am back to using 2.4 at this stage as it is producing good gcode.

I am also using Octoprint to deliver the gcode.

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Ever since upgrading to 2.6 I have had problems with prints.
@mungbean: It sounds like you have another problem than the topic starter reported. Please report new problems in a new topic. You didn't mention your printer model or any other details we need to reproduce your problem. My gut feeling says it is related to the filament diameter (1.75mm / 2.85mm = 38.5% difference, very close to your 37.7%).

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There is a bug in the menu for Custom Printer settings. The material diameter in that menu resets to 2.85mm

When you look under the advanced settings, Material / Diameter. Then what diameter is shown there? It should say 1.75mm.

You can fix it here but have to do that for every print until the bug in the machine settings is fixed.

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Thanks for the answers. I saw this Bug yesterday, when 2.6.1 comes out.

I installed it and the problem is solved.

But now i get a new Problem, the print speed is way to fast.

60mm/s in Cura is like round about 100mm/s in S3D.

I set the first layer speed to 10mm/s in Cura to get bed adhesion and its like 50mm/s in S3D. I try'd to set acceleration in Cura on/off, but makes no difference.

So i can't set the print speed correctly.

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How did you configure the printer in Cura, i.e. when you added the printer to Cura, which settings did you choose?

Do you still have those problems when you remove the printer from Cura and add it again?

Can you post the last part of your generated gcode file? In the last part many of the used Cura settings are exported and I would like to see those.

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