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New assembled Ultimaker Original+ problems.

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I recently bought an Ultimaker Original+ and assembled it.

When i power it on the green led on the motherboard lights up and the screen of the controller lights

up blue but stays empty and that's it.



When i connect the printer over usb with my computer Cura can't connect with the printer.

I am using Fedora 25 as operating system and the Cura version is 2.5.0.

When i execute the lsusb command i get the following result ,


what means that the Arduino is detected by my system.

I already contacted the reseller and they reported the problem to Ultimaker.

In the reply they suggest to make use of test boards and then swap on and on and look if

the printer starts up. I don't have any experience with Arduino and because the printer is

new , i don't want to start messing with it myself.

So some suggestions what and how to do the testing would really be appriciated.

Thank in advance, Hans.


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Make sure you double check the cables to the ulticontroller.

Then I would try to reflash Marlin onto the board. That board might have the UM2 firmware instead of the UMO firmware. The displays are very different for the 2 machines I believe. Do you have a windows machine you can use for that step? I don't know Cura on linux - if it isn't connecting through USB using linux I would try windows. When installing and first running Cura there should be a step where you can load the firmware or if not you can do "load firmeare" from one of the menus at the top.

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Can you paste the last lines of 'dmesg' after you plugged in your printer?

Normally you should see it allocating a tty for the communication (/dev/ttyACM0 or something like that)

If that is all good you can check the permissions on that device, so we are sure Cura can access it.

Worst case I can give you an incantation to upload the firmware from the command line.


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This is looking good: device is created as it should.

Re. the permissions, is your user in the dialout group? You can see that with the 'groups' command, e.g.:

octoprint@framboise ~ $ groups
octoprint tty dialout video netdev

If not add your can add your user to the group:

sudo useradd -G dialout 

To take effect you need to logout/login, check again that you are in the group and retry Cura...

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If permissions are correct and Cura still does not want to talk to your UMO, you can reflash manually.

First you need to install the 'avrdude' package, then ensure you have the right firmware file. The UMO+ needs a file named 'MarlinUltimaker-UMOP-250000.hex'

Then you need to cast the following spell:

avrdude -C /etc/avrdude.conf -v -p atmega2560 -c wiring -P /dev/ttyACM0 -b 115200 -D -U "flash:w:MarlinUltimaker-UMOP-250000.hex:i"

That's it!

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