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How Do You Fix an Uneven Frame?

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I have an Ultimaker 2+ that is uneven and I was wondering how to correct this issue. The front left corner is raised about 3mm. I've put the printer on a level plane just to make sure and it still about 3mm off the ground. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Has it been like this from the start or is it something that has happened suddenly?

I can be difficult to fix. There's a small chance it could be fixed by loosening all the screws that hold the frame together, putting the printer on a known flat surface and then push down on the frame from the top with a lot of force and re-tightening the screws.

I've tried that a couple of times on printers and it didn't work unfortunately. Worth the 10 minutes to try though, just in case. What fixed both of the crooked printers I had was replacing the top frame of the printer. Bit of a pain to do though. If the printer is brand new I would just get in contact with your reseller. Or, if it's not affecting print quality (which it probably isn't), just live with it.

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