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"There Is No Disk in D Drive. Please Insert a Disk into Drive." A big problem.

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I have used Cura for a long time now, but since 2.4.0, from when I start cura and till I save my first file, Cura continues to spams with the message "No disk in D Drive, Please Insert a Disk into Drive".

1. There is no D Drive.

2. As soon as i tell Cura to continue, it popups aging.

I can still use Cura, but it require me to spam click whit a auto clicker for 1 min.

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Does it still say there is no disk in drive D, or in drive X ?

If X, then please change the drive letter of your removable drive. Having a removable drive X is much less common than having a removable drive D. Having a removable drive D should no longer be a problem.

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