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Missing Bottom of Print Jobs

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I've been using CURA V15 and decided to move over to V2.6. I've just printed a file that I have printed using V15 with no issues at all and it appears to be missing the bottom few MM of the job.

I'm using an Omega I3 (Any Cubic I3)

Anyone help me out with this, I've only had the printer a few weeks so it's been a slow and somewhat painful learning curve, but It can't be anything major causing it. Hopefully :/

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I have noticed that the new versions (2.6.x family) is very sensitive to pivot points and how the geometry is made. Basically, as the software gets more advanced, it is demanding better/proper models/modeling. Many of the models online are not all that great.

I just spent about 20 hours fixing one of my own files from earlier on because of this. It was a file from when I was using at least 3 different programs to accomplish a goal and did it all ad hoc and not with any real plan. Not the best of procedures.

If you do not know how to fix the files, then you can always go to preferences, uncheck 'automatically drop models onto buildplate' (Or close to that) at the top of general (The default tab when it opens) and then move the model up to make sure it is sitting right on the buildplate. This is very handy for also having to rotate and object to find the optimal printing angle as you sometimes have to model based on the needs of the modeling program (Rendering purposes or animations) and not what will always print best.

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I wouldn't know where to start correcting the files as they are ones I've bought on a site.

But thanks for the info on the Preferences, I'll try that out and see if that resolves it. To make sure I wasn't losing the plot I even printed something using the old version last night and it was fine.

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