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Crashing Ultimaker 3 extended - possible power issue

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Posted · Crashing Ultimaker 3 extended - possible power issue

Hi All

I am sorry if this appears elsewhere but I haven't been able to find any relevant threads.

Whilst starting a print, the print initiates but then whilst heating (generally the at the start of heating the Printcores) the printer crashes. The screen and lights flicker then the printer turns off and then on again.

I have changed the printcores, changed the materials, ran load/unloading and heated the bed all separately to see if it was an individual issue, but all run smoothly. It only crashes when running a print (it crashed once while running a calibration print). I generally run prints from USB, I have checked using two different drives and running from CURA through a LAN, all with the same issue.

I am fairly experienced with 3d printing, running prints daily and having built custom machines in the passed but this one has me stumped. I have updated to the latest version of CURA to check software, and have also factory rest the machine. I am thinking it may be a power issue but would have expected this to show up on the seperate checks (changing material etc).

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated


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Posted · Crashing Ultimaker 3 extended - possible power issue

This is 90% chance of being the power brick. Those things are not as reliable as one would expect. Some work great. Some don't. I would contact your reseller and insist they give you a new one to try (much cheaper than shipping your whole printer back I assume).

You can also just buy one. They are a bit pricey but that may be your fastest solution to a working printer if time is worth more than money.

Um used to ship with this power supply:


And around when the UM3 came out they started shipping this one:


The one without the "T" seems so much more reliable. Both are the same wattage. The same amperage. The same voltage. The same power. But the "T" version seems to shut down more often under full load (bed heating and at least one core heating). I relegated my "T" supply to my um2go which doesn't need as much power.

Some of the non "T" supplies also have intermittent issues but not as bad as the "T" ones as far as I can tell from user reports on the forum and elsewhere.

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Posted · Crashing Ultimaker 3 extended - possible power issue

Thank you Gr5. Great advice and I will let you know how I get on with the supplier and/or power brick

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