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Great idea to determine amount of filament left on spool - maybe . . .

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I'm sure something exists, but I have not been able to find a quick/easy way to determine the amount of filament left on a spool. How about making the spools with a series of holes along both side walls in identical positions. You put a rod through matching holes to determine how much is left on the spool. The approx amount remaining would be molded into the plastic. No scale or math needed.



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I weigh it.

If you know the weight of an empty spool(usually around 250 grams) and then just subtract that from the weight of the full spool and that's your answer.

Obviously you need to unload the filament from the machine but its better than running out .

Its also much quicker when checking short leftovers off the reel than trying to measure with a tape measure..

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