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Please help me ID and possibly fix this "split" fault in UM2+ print using 3mm silver PLA

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This is a Thingiverse lotus blossom model, printed at approx 9cm width.

The printing went well but I noticed these splits/delaminations (?) on top of the finished print.

Nozzle temp: 210°C

Build plate temp: 60°C

Adhesion: Geert's salt water methodd3v5bfco3dani2.cloudfront.net

Material: 3mm silver PLA

Object size: 9cm width

I checked the Visual Ultimaker troubleshooting guide but am none the wiser.


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This is not delamination, that's something else entirely. That's when the model splits apart at the layers.

This looks like it could be what you might refer to as a "thin wall" problem causing cura to not fill in the model all the way. I've written about it a little bit here (but I should probably go through it and update it...):


Try looking at the layer view in cura and see if you see the same thing there. If you do, try experimenting with the wall thickness or line width (small modifications). Another option if wall thickness isn't critical is to use "Horisontal expansion" to make the model slightly thicker or thinner and see if cura fills things in better then. Or if overall size isn't critical, try scaling it up or down by a percentage or two.

This all implies that you see the same "error" in layer view. If you don't, I would maybe suspect backlash.

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