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Printing Only Brim

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Hi, I am using an Ultimaker 2+ to make really thin film-like objects, and the brim that is generated by Cura is almost exactly what I am trying to make. I have tried messing around in Cura by making thin CAD models with different infill patterns, but I can't get the same printing pattern.

I'm sure this isn't asked often, but is there a way of making about a 1 cm x 1 cm square of just brim?

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I have printed 10mm x 10mm x 10mm test cubes in that way: just set the wall thickness to more than 5mm indeed (in my case), and it spirals layer per layer. Then it prints only walls without infill, until the whole object is filled with wall. If your object would be larger than 10mm diameter, adjust wall thickness accordingly.

However, the center of the spiral does not come out well: the nozzle stays too long in that little area, develops too much heat, and it has to slow down too much to go around the tight corners. This results in ugly blobs and overextrusion in the center of the spiral. The rest is okay. Printing multiple test blocks at the same time helps a bit of course, but does not eliminate the effect.

So I prefer the diagonal infill pattern.

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