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UM3E - Tilted bed creates extrusion problems.


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Posted · UM3E - Tilted bed creates extrusion problems.

Hello everyone,

I recently acquired an Ultimaker 3 Extended, and I've been doing prints to test it, see what the various materials can do, and so on. I've had it for about two weeks now, and I'm very amazed by the quality of the prints, and also the ease to use Cura for beginners like myself, even though I've begun looking at advanced settings, which are less easy.

Anyway, I've started trying to print big objects, and I realised that I had some problems with under extrusion or over extrusion on some parts. I've contacted my reseller, looked online for solutions. Updates have been done, reset as well, the axis have been tightened and the printer has the auto leveling activated.

But I still have the problem, and I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't the metalic plate that support the glass that is warped, because the under extrusion is on the upper right corner, and the over extrusion on the lower left corner. Although, it seems that the glass is somehow slightly u shaped, but that should be corrected by the manual leveling I did at first, and the auto leveling the printer does afterwards, shouldn't it?

Here are two pictures taken as I was doing some tests with an stl file I got on thingiverse to test bed leveling.



As you can see, the square in the upper right corner is not right, and neitehr is the one on the lower left. Only the ones on the other corners are right.

And the printer sits on a flat surface, I've checked it with a bubble level, so it's not that.

So, if anyone has had the same problem and knows a solution, please let me know. I'd rather not have to send back the prinetr and wait for a new one, and I'll be using it professionnaly.

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can bring.

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    Posted · UM3E - Tilted bed creates extrusion problems.

    The autoleveling unfortunately only compensates for a tilted plane. It doesn't do 9 point leveling and compensate "U" shapes.

    I had the same problem and fixed it by bending up the rear 2 corners (with the glass off). In addition most tempered glass is taller in the center (thicker). But by bending up my aluminum plate I fixed the issue. But if you bend it too much you will crack the trace on the heated bed and that's a problem.

    There were several non-flat glass plates - I would simply ask your distributor for a flatter one than the one you already have. You won't even have any down time.

    Or alternatively put a washer between the glass and the bed in the far right corner.

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    Posted · UM3E - Tilted bed creates extrusion problems.

    Better late than never, but thanks for the answer. I contacted the reseller and, after an exchange of mails and pictures, they agreed that the plate was non-flat and replaced it with a much flatter one.

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