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Excessive travel movements. (possible to avoid?)

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Posted · Excessive travel movements. (possible to avoid?)


after the release of Cura 3.4 I tried another shoot.

I attach gcodes for the same stl, two pieces in a single build plate.

I made slicing settings as similar as possible (wall thicness/lines, top bottom layers, infill percentace/pattern etc.)

Cura gives me 7.24 h print time, S3D 4.32 h

If you open both Gcodes with notepad++ you can see cura's one is 343272 lines while the one generated by S3D is 138115 (less than half)...


Is this normal?







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    Posted · Excessive travel movements. (possible to avoid?)

    Hello @pieri70, I think the difference is that Cura has the fill gaps between walls option enabled and this produces zillions of little line segments. Try turning that off and see if it makes a difference. Looking at the s3d gcode, it doesn't look as if the gap is being filled there. Hope this helps.

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    Posted · Excessive travel movements. (possible to avoid?)

    Hello @Deneteus

    I just downloaded and installed Cura 3.5

    Now I'm using Ideamaker as my preferred slicer

    I tried to slice the same stl with the same settings where possible


    Ideamaker makes my gcode 47600 lines while Cura 3.5 makes a 68600 lines one.

    I like the way Ideamaker slices my stl and travels/movements seem to be ok

    I must check what this new Cura version makes but the gcode volume seems to be a little too much..Bie

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    Posted (edited) · Excessive travel movements. (possible to avoid?)


    The print time estimates are based on your printers acceleration settings entered into Cura. To reduce the print time estimate you have to enter your printers acceleration settings into Cura. It's not based on the lines of code that you see within the GCODE file.

    The issue with unnecessary moves is based on what some of the settings were causing the extruder to do. Not knowing what settings you chose doesn't give anyone an idea of what the problem is. You would need to post your Profile settings file, the STL, the current gcode files, and your printers firmware settings for anyone to give you an idea of what is really going on.

    How to export profiles: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20441-manage-profiles

    This is where you would post your Issue: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues

    Here is an example: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/3323

    Check out the following posts for specifics: 

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