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Spool Jam And now feeder is clicking ?

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I started a 88 hour sprint last night and when i woke up it looks like the filament crossed under it self and jammed. It prabably carried on trying to print for 6 or so hours be fore i noticed.

Ive just put the filament in and the extruder is clicking and the filament doesn't appear to be consistent.

there is also a smell of burning. Faint but its there.

Is my nozzle knackered and could I have knackered the extruder ?



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Hi Muppet,

In my experiences with failed prints and post clogged filament issues, your best bet would be to clear out the print head. Check out this link below and it will describe the procedure to do so. Most likely, a bit of plastic might have melted on the inside of the print head chamber and is preventing more plastic from moving through. Using the Atomic Method will help to clear those issues out.


I hope that helps.


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I agree. Plastic in general does not like high temperatures for extended periods of time. In a situation like this where filament is jammed the plastic that does not ooze from the nozzle will be burned to a hard, black residue.

Using the atomic method repeatedly, preferably with a light colour, until there is no black flecks left on the filament is a good option. If you have an olsson block I would remove the nozzle and clean it separately as well as feed a length of filament through the cool block so make sure there are no obstructions.

Some use a gas burner to clean out nozzles but if you have access to something with a controllable heat (like a rework station) I would do the atomic method but only with the nozzle and a pair of pliers.


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