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Filament not extruding.


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Posted · Filament not extruding.

This somewhat continues from my last topic about trying to print with a stainless steel nozzle where it would immediately curl up around the tip and I couldn't finish a first layer.

Now after looking about more for advice with similar things I figured I'd try the atomic method in case the tip was just gunked up and making it extrude funny. Every time I tried to pull it would snap the tip inside, so I took the tip out and looked inside the heatblock. It was full of filament, so I heated it up with the nozzle out and pushed the crap through. Going back to the regular atomic method it snapped at the tip (I really don't know if it's just me doing it wrong or what.) Either way it seems clean enough and it hasn't been used much anyway. I try printing, and almost nothing comes out. I can move the filament easily in the advanced options, but printing moves very little. I have no idea what it could be, other than mabye the feeder grinding the filament. I have no idea what to do about that though, please help.

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    Posted · Filament not extruding.

    First, I would make sure the filament is grinding or not. Then I would pull a 'clean set' of filament so that you no longer have any grind divots in the filament. Basically that means that you should pull the bowden tube out of the print head, release pressure off the feeder and pull it through until it is a clean area. Yes, you will lose the length of the bowden tube of filament, but I have found every now and then, the grindings create a weak spot that can bend and catch in the head block area.

    Keep in mind that I am not sure if it is the head block as I have the UM3 and only used to the print cores. But it is in that same area that it can create an issue.

    If you are doing cold pulls and it is snapping, I would think that you are letting it get too cool. Maybe the steel print core dissipates the heat quicker?

    And, possibly, you need to increase the tension in the feeder, or increase the temp of the filament or maybe the flow pressure.

    Try one thing at a time though so you know what changes will make a difference.

    Just a lot of guesses I would start with in no particular order.

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