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UM3 stuck on boot logo

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Hello everyone,

I tried to update my UM3+ to the latest firmware using system > firmware upgrade capability and apparently something went wrong. The firmware was downloaded fine and the printer then displayed the "updating firmware... do not turn off". I left the printer alone for many hours, then I realized it would not complete the update, so I turned it off.

Now it starts normally (the fan runs for a few seconds, then the led lights turn on), however it only shows the "Ultimaker" logo and does not go to the main menu. Cura can connect to the printer and it can even start a print job, however there isn't much thing else I can do since I do not have access to any machine menu. Web internet also works and responds to some simple API commands I sent.

Any advice how to correct this problem? Is there any other way (remove login, web interface, etc) to update firmware?



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Hi @gcalin,

Thank you for your post. Have you already tried contacting your reseller? They may be able to help you. There are ways to restore the firmware by restoring an image which they may be able to supply, but I would recommend to get in touch with them before you attempt any of those fixes.

It may be scary that your Ultimaker 3 won't start up anymore, but rest assured there are fixes to restore it :)

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I still waiting support from my reseller.

Unfortunately I did not activate developer mode on this printer. Is there any way to activate developer mode without using the printer menus?



Yea but not easy. I only know 2 ways and both could damage your warranty.

- Olimex sells a 3 pins wire cable to usb that allows to enter on debug mode into the system, that allows you to do anything inside the boot system. Ofc this method ofc will be against the warranty and it needs to be done with ESF protection to avoid damaging hardware.

- Other way it’s to plug a HDMI into the hdmi port of the olimex and see how thr system bootup and read where does it fail, but you can’t do anything but watch.

Both methods I found out by myself and ain’t part of the proper way to check nor fix and can/will affect your warranty and must be done with ESD equipment. So don’t do them... The serial cable cost like 10€ or something like that... That’s the beauty of having a system so focused on opensource and leaving the doors open to the users.

For reference only this is the cable that you shouldn’t have/use https://www.olimex.com/Products/Components/Cables/USB-Serial-Cable/USB-Serial-Cable-F/

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this thread has a link to a recovery image, I never had to use it myself so use at your own risk..... here's how it should work;


You flip the machine over, remove the USB plug in the Olimex board to reveal the sdcard slot beneath, put the card with the image in there and turn on power.

Write the image to the SD using "Win32DiskImager"

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Thank you all for the tips.

I will wait to see the reseller solution. I have access to ESD protection equipment, however as you pointed out, it won't be a good idea to void warranty. Anyway it is good to know that if everything fails there is plan B ;-)

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