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Setting the scale of a print and changing from default mm sizing

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Hey, just got our new Ulti 3 yesterday, so far I'm liking it but...

It takes my .stl files (generated in autocad 15) and makes up its own sizing, example 1/4 inch cylinder magically becomes a 1 inch cylinder. Could it be because the machines default sizing is in mm? And if so, can the mm sizing be changed into inches ?

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That's the best of all solutions ;)

(Please convince the rest of your Great country to do the same.)

Meanwhile you might find a plugin for Cura 2.7 interesting which you can install by the new plugin browser; it's called "Barbarian plugin" (if you want to blame someone for the name, @nallath might be a good address ;) ).

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More and more engineers in the USA and UK are switching to the metric system. Once you are used to it, it is sooooo much simpler and more logical than imperial units with their weird multiplying and conversion factors, and where some "units" have totally different dimensions, depending on where you are (such as gallons, if I remember well). It is just a question of time before everyone uses the metric system. So you can better be among the first than among the last. You will not regret it.

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