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Printing Area with big nozzle offset.

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Hi guys,

I have a VK8400 and I recently add a second nozzle on it. I read this topic on how works the offset on cura : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/50628-cura-grayed-out-area-with-dual-extrusion.

My problem is that my offset is so big (-97 on Y) that my printing area is reduce to 6mm (Bed is 200x200mm).

It is possible to cancel this reduction of the printing area cause I can't print anything in this 6mm area?

Or it is possible to modify the way this reduction works?

In advance, thanks for your helps.

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What/how do you expect to print with this setup?

Turn off your printer, so you can move the printhead by hand. Move the printhead all the way to the left. Your left nozzle is near the left end of your build-plate, but your right nozzle is 97mm away from it. It cannot reach further to the left. Move your head all the way to the right, and you see the same for the left extruder.

That 6mm strip is the only part of the build volume that can be reached by both extruders.

What can you do about this? Mount the two extruders closer together.

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It's not my printhead that move but my bed.

And the 1st extruder can reach (0,0) to (200,200)

And the 2nd can reach (0,0) to (150,200)

So theoricaly i can print in area from (0,0) to (150,200) on my bed

But cura automaticaly cut the bed from both side when you enter the nozzle offset.

My point is: it's possible to cut just one side of the bed or adjuste the setting in cura ?

I can print with REPETIER but i don't have all the option given by CURA 2.7 and it's really furstating.

And no, i can't bring my extruders closer !

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And the 1st extruder can reach (0,0) to (200,200)

And the 2nd can reach (0,0) to (150,200)

According to your pictures the traverse path is longer than the size of the buildplate. What happens, if you you define the "Machine width / depth" for Cura to the greater value (it looks like the right syringe can reach... mmhh.. probably 250mm)?

And you can try to define half of the 97mm offset for each extruder, but as a negative value for the second one.

As far as i can see, you can not define an origin other than (0, 0) in Cura and the target is to define an area that both extruders can reach. That means, that one has to "shift around" the possible area a bit by adjusting the size and the extruder offsets. It's just in theory, but seems to be logical to me...

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