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Always have printer preheated

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What printer do you have?

With Ultimaker 2/2+ you can use the tinkergnome firmware which has this option. So you startup the machine and select this option to heatup (the buildplate)

With Ultimaker 3 you can do this with Cura, assuming your printer is connected on the network, go on the prepare tab and select preheat

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In the standard UM2 firmware you can also manually heat the build plate, via "Maintenance > Advanced".

However, if you keep the temp high after print completion, then how are you going to get the models off? They do stick like glued, and you can lift the whole printer by pulling up a tiny model. While after cooling down they come off all by themself, without requiring any force. It may take you more time to get the models off a heated bed, than to wait until it is cooled and simply pick them off. You could speed up cooling by putting a fan in front of the printer, after completion.

And as said above: do not keep the nozzle heated without flow: the filament will burn and clog the nozzle in a few minutes. Printing temp is too close to burning temp.

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If you leave the bed heated literally all the time, you will also cook the electronics into an early death.

Pull the electronics cover off the bottom of your printer and take a look - I'll bet you will already find brown spots on the board just from normal use.

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