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The great shrink!

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Posted · The great shrink!

Hello again.

A couple of days ago I was searching around for some brown and green PLA, I found a site selling of exactly the colours I needed. This never (and I mean never) happens to me, so I bought a lot of it.

I've tried printing with it today, and maybe I now understand why it was cheap and on sale!

It lays down lovely, the first layer looks better than anything else I've printed, except maybe the nylon, but as printing progresses you can see each printed layer shrinking and pulling the bottom including brim off the bed. I'm using the best sticky thing I've found so far, hair spray, but to no avail.

I thought maybe increasing the bed temperature but I'm still new to this lark so thought I'd ask before spending 3 days plays without any results.

Thanks folks.

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Posted · The great shrink!


I think more information is needed (maybe the brand of the filament?)

First thing that comes in mind is printing temperatures, and maybe first layer adhesion ? Is it delaminating or just warping a lot? PLA normally almost doesn't warp...

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Posted · The great shrink!

It does everything! Honestly. Getting it to stick to the plate is a nightmare, if I get it to stick the layers start to separate, if the layers don't separate the edges 'flop' and I get spaghetti.

I've been playing about with it again today, I have a 3D scan of a garlic which I find a really good test object, it has some lumpy and some smooth surfaces, but natural. I can also test wall thickness and how different infills react with the walls and overhangs.

After 6 failed tests this evening I currently have half a garlic which hasn't gone wrong yet. I've had to put the temperature up to 250 to get layer adhesion, the speed down to 50 so the layers have longer to melt together. I've had to add a 10mm brim, and a 25% tetrahedral infill to keep the sides together.

The boxes that are marked (some aren't marked at all) say 3DFilaPrint (In an overseas trading partnership)

I really don't want to say anything against the company because I have no idea how many people use their stuff without problems.

Is it possible this stuff is too old, too saturated? Is it more likely just to be a bad blend for the Ultimaker 3 core system? The settings currently being used have wandered into ABS territory, I'm actually starting to wander if it's been mislabelled.

I have multiple colours so it's very unlikely it's nylon, PC, PCE, etc. The finish looks like PLA so it's not anything exotic. For someone who doesn't know much about how different materials behave it's all a bit confusing!

Anyway, now I have half a garlic and a little bit more that still hasn't gone wrong!.... I'm starting to tell myself this is ABS, but I thought it would give a more shiny finish, it's quite matte.

And I'm tired and I've started waffling so I'm going to bed and I'll resist the temptation to check the camera overnight, I might have a pleasant surprise in the morning. Except, could someone point me at a 'General' heat/speed/etc vs material chart?

Many thanks.

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Posted · The great shrink!

If i have this problems, first operation i do is to level the bed. Second i rise the temperature of the buildplate, 65° or max. 70° C. Then i rise the temp. of the hotend, but 230°C is max. for pla for me. Next step is printing slower, 25mm/s.

And if i have to do this steps, i know it is reeeealy cheap filament... or old filament, but most of this situations are caused by cheap filament.

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Posted (edited) · The great shrink!


just wanted to chip in here and ask if you could send me a picture of the filament, the packaging and maybe your name.

Who did it come from? from here http://shop.3dfilaprint.com/

I am really close with the owner of 3dfilaprint and what you are describing is very unlike them.

I am not sure what the overseas partner ship is referring to but am wondering if it the Global FSD label but that I haven't seen on any of my packaging.  

I would be greatful if you could share the details even as a PM because I know that PLA shouldn't behave like that.

In addition I would like ensure that 3DFilaprint isn't being miss represented by a third party because I haven't had any issues and the service and advice has been 1st class.

many thanks

rebekah anderson

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