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Cura 3.0.4 - First Impressions

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I have been using the new Cura Connect 3.0.4 for a couple of days and I have a few thoughts and wanted to hear what others are thinking.

In general I like the new UI layout. I only have one printer so the main new feature, Cura Connect, is of little use to me. I do miss seeing the operational information (Bed and head Temperatures) of the printer(s). This info shows me why the printer hasn't started and gives me an idea when it will be ready. Plus, it gives me the warm fuzzies that everything is performing as expected.


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That is a good idea in my thinking.

But as a single printer user, let me 'splain my process that I have found good for me, at least:

  • Slice prints
  • Send to queue in the connect
  • Each slice is something that will have a different colour or something that makes it stop until I override the settings
  • Slice and send, slice and send, etc....
  • At each pause, I will change glass plates, wipe with alcohol, brush on PVA slurry and then override the settings to let it print
  • I adjusted the active level settings to always to make sure the active level corrects for changes in glassplate thickness.....yes, it can be that critical, especially if your glass plates come from different sources (lotso' reasons for that)
  • Rinse and repeat as needed

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I m considering rolling back to previous version of CURA on my UM3.

Using third party material, it gives warning message every single time. It's ok in previous versions where I can accept the warning and print in one button.

Now, however, I hv to accept the warnning message on the printer, then go back to my computer, open CURA connects in browser, go to print job section, select the job, open the tab, and then accept the "override configuration" warnning.

It takes a lot of steps to get it start printing.

I created custom material from cloning an existing generic material as suggested, but still i hv to walk through all of the steps above on every print. Is there a way to improve that?

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Actually, if you use one type of filament (Say Blue PLA) and you have Transparent PLA loaded, it will still cause the issue. The problem is that all those are generic and the same, so, I am confused why the software has an issue with it when the firmware does not.

When I print off a USB stick, no issues. Same file going through Cura Wifi and Connect, gives the error message.

It is also a problem when you have any filament off the spool and in a separate dry box that prevents any reading of the NFC chip and you are forced to choose generic PLA or any other.

The upside is that I use that as a 'pause' to change plates, clean nozzles (can even do atomic pulls if needed), wipe with alcohol and also apply Papa K's Magical Slurry. THEN I configure the override and it goes about its business.

I have the whole process down to about 5 minutes between end of print to start of leveling.

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After a few days using this version, I lost all my profile........

I unistall cura and now I tried to reinstall it 15 times it doesn't work

After the installation when I launch it just give the small beginning windows and then nothing more, can't find cura anywhere on my computer, I had to reinstall 2.7, wich is working.

I often have this Profile problem, they get lost........even the ones I created can't be import, it says succesfully import but they are not in the list;

I must say that I start to be very fed up with all this issue, one day it's the printer and the other day it's cura.......

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Very bad it's not working properly, instead of making a new version every 15 days, please consider to do one wich is working.

I was a Ultimaker fan but now it's over, i'll definitely by another brand for my next machine

Kinda mixing hardware and software there, eh skippy?

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