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Ultimaker 2+ and 3D Solex TF2K

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Hi Everyone,

I need to order PTFE coupler to my UM2+ (orginal one still works but I need additional one as a spart part, as shortly I will print more from ABS at 260 celcius).

I've checked 3D Solex offer and ... I don't understand it :(

Main question is if 3D Solex TF2K (with I2K insulator) is compatible with UM2+ ?

I understand that in UM2 you can use it but there is a spring over PTFE coupler. UM2+ hasn't spring so how does it work with I2K?

If not 3D Solex TF2K what would you recommend for UM2+?

What durability I can expect from original PTFE coupler printing ABS at 260 degree?

Thanks in advance for all answers


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Thanks a lot for answer. It's odd that 3D Solex is not able write clearly in their store with what models the item is compatible.

BTW. May I ask where did you find this awesome looking air duct ("Mark 2")? Is a project available somewhere?

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jpyt - glad I made sense, the mark 2 is the second head Mod for the UM2 I don't know whether the 2+ is also an intended machine to retro fit to.

the link


the air duct is some thing I came up with, for the second head which I have started to install, on going project it will probably be installed by Christmas and then probably sell the machine. Glad you like it.

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I Like that, Yeah I had a few issues printing the head, and I was fighting with another printer, so didn't want to have 2 on the go, I ripped the bed off the UM2 so I have no choice now but to do the Wring (this weekend if all goes to plan) if not next week,, LOL but thanks for Asking :D

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