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Trouble with bearings and bushings. What to buy.

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One of my UM2s is finally due for a complete set of bearings and bushings. It started loosing steps back and forth in the X direction after having made quite a bit of squeeking for some time.

I removed the head and noticed that the X linear bearing didn't roll very nice at all. It would seize up slightly every few centimeters. No doubt the major problem is there.

I reinserted the rods without the head and ran a print and at least of of the bushings is also making some noise. Not a lot. But enough that I think I should take the time and replace all of those as well.

For the bearings the recommendation seem to be Misumi LMUW6. They are available on ebay from a seller in the netherlands but boy are they expensive. Oh well.

Do you think I have to replace the rods as well?

For the sliding blocks. I did disassemble a few of them to check and they felt quite good. No slack and they flowed nicely. But they were a royal pain to remove and mount again. The plastic seems good though so I guess I could just replace the bushings. I'm guessing that it will be a pain in the lower back to get hold of genuine ones. Most of the time the resellers in Sweden doesn't even reply to emails about spare parts. Any suggestions where I can buy a set? I noticed there were some cheap ones on ebay but I'm not too keen on risking it unless someone says that they are fine.

Same question for this. Do you think I can get away with not replacing the rods?


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Misumi parts are good.

The logical place for Ultimaker parts in Sweden should be;


I think I would also replace the plastic housings of the slider blocks, they are not getting better after disassembly, and are pretty cheap.

For the rods, check if they are nice and straight, replace for sure when bend.

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Thanks. You don't think rods necessarily need replacement because of wear and tear from the bearings and bushings then? I should point out that this printer has about 1500 print hours. Which seem quite low to need new bearings, but I am thinking that the previous owner was not very careful about oiling the rods.

Like I said. I'd prefer not to go through one of the Swedish resellers. 3D Verkstan suggested I buy the 2+ upgrade kit when I wanted one of the plastic pieces for the head and a UM2 feeder motor and then didn't respond again when I answered that it wasn't quite what I was after. Since they don't have the bearings or bushings on their website as well I assume that I am going to get the suggestion to buy a new printer.

Creative Tools, one of the other resellers from which I bought this particular machine, promised to check and get back to me about a spare part on august 30th. Still nothing.

I recon the best place for the bearings is that ebay seller. But I'm not sure where to best get the bushings. There are some cheap on ebay but quality can, as we know, be kind of hit and miss.

The housings was a pain to disassemble and I can see that they'd easily break. You might be right that new ones is a good idea.


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In my experience communication with re sellers is easier if you make it easy for them. Know what you want, look at the BOM on github, or look at the picture parts lists you can find here (middle of the page, links to all UM machines);


And then send them a mail asking to prepare an order or send you a price, for these specific parts, include the Ultimaker partnumbers.

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Thanks. But no. I don't mean that to be grumpy. It's just that I have given these companies a couple of tries and they just aren't that bothered it seems. If I had no option I would have to put up with them (as I did when I bought my extended). But this time I figure it is going to be less painful, cheaper and probably a lot faster just to go somewhere else.

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