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Ok I'm on the march wiring the Mark 2 have 2 questions...

q1 my second Bondtech - where on the mother board does it plug inn (stupid question but I have to ask...

q2 Im using Syntax Terrors board, when it comes to the model fans I was going to copy the original UM Wiring,, ie I think they are parralel,, any reason not too.. voltage ect.

Just need to find the connectors Male and female, any RS numbers would be helpfull if anyone has them.

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it must admit - it took a while... :) as far as i understand you use the expansion board and right now you are making the cables yourself, right?

Be careful with the model cooling fans - these are connected in series (two 12V fans powered by the 24V line).

The small 5V fans are using JST connectors, the 12V fans are connected with Molex plugs (AFAIK).

The exact types of the connectors are mentioned in the build manual (search for "Making the y-cables"). With the identifiers from there you should be able to find the correct plugs.

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Tinkergnome - thanks for the reply yes you are correct I am making the cables myself as long as I keep everything wired the same it should be fine then? Yes I am aware they are wired in series originally I said parallel my mistake? Working on presumption yellow is pos,, Ordering the connectors today I suppose the connectors don’t have to be exact. Thanks for you input 8m intsalling you firmware later today/tomorrow.


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