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How does one print from Cura 3.0.4?

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How does one print from Cura 3.0.4? I see that past versions have "prepare print" and "print" buttons. The "manage printers" menu item indicates that the printer (CR-10) is available and waiting for data. Is Cura looking for (and not finding) handshaking that enables the print feature, or am I just missing something obvious (or something else??)

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Cura 3.* doesn't print through USB anymore


That is quite untrue. Even though USB printing is not a focus at Ultimaker, USB printing is still possible. Some printers are not recognized over USB by Cura though, and Cura lacks some features (such as manual selection of the USB serial port). But USB printing is working just fine with the UMO and UM2(+) (provided you change the gcode flavor of the UM2(+) to Marlin, because Ultigcode has never been compatible with USB printing).

Having said all that, if Cura does not recognise your printer there is currently not much that can be done about that. So the rest of your advise about using an SD card or pronterface is sound.

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