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Cura Settings for Volcano with 0.8 mm nozzle

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I've been struggling with print quality using a newly installed volcano with a 0.8 mm nozzle. The extrusion stops a couple mm before the end of a layer and leaves gaps in the prints. It's as if coasting were turned on and set too long. I tried turning on coasting and setting a negative value, but Cura won't slice when I do that.

How do I get it to extrude right to the end of the line? There is also a small gap that occurs during printing (marked "?") that I'll tackle after I get the bigger problem solved.


I had a similar gap at the start of each layer, after a relatively long travel move. The infill is supposed to start at the perimeter, but there's about a 5 mm long gap between the perimeter and the start of the infill. I solved that by turning on retraction at 0.1 mm, and setting the retraction extra prime amount to 4 mm.


I'm wondering if the surface tension of the molten filament is pulling the filament back up into the heater block with this large nozzle. I don't need to use retraction at all, and I have this problem with the plastic not starting exactly when it should, and stopping a little too soon.

I did not see this behavior with a standard v6 heater block and a 0.4 mm nozzle. I did see similar behavior with the standard heater block and a 0.6 mm nozzle.

I'm printing ABS, extruder temp is 270C, printing at a modest 50mm/sec, 150mm/sec travel.

I would appreciate insight from the experts. Thanks!

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