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I have an Ultimaker 3e and purchased a couple of Hardcore nozzles to replace AA cores to get faster prints.  I get max temp errors on both of the Hardcores randomly during and after prints. One of the cores is currently in the print head and I am unable to remove it as it trips the error before I can pull out the filament.  At first I thought it might have been some dodgy soldering on the printcore pcb but after trimming the spaces between the soldered connectors and the smaller connector on the side it the problem persists.  Could it also be the spring?  The tension of the spring on the Hardcores is much less than the original ones so maybe replacing those might give the core some more rigidity in the holder and sit better against the pins?


The original cores have worked flawlessly btw just the Hardcores are throwing temp errors.


I'm stuck please help.

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