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Restarting print job after cancelling

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Posted · Restarting print job after cancelling

I'm using Cura 3.1 (final, not beta) and saving gcode to micro SD card for an MP Select Mini v2.  When I cancel my print job and then restart it, the print head on my printer travels all the way to right and then starts making a ratcheting sound like it wants to keep going further to the right, past the limits of the arm.  I'm wondering if it's something in my gcode, because I have tried reducing the size of the print bed in Cura to 118mm (from 120mm) but it still does it.  Not sure if this is a Cura issue or not, but the gcode worked in version 15 of Cura.


Here's my gcode settings that I got from the MP Mini wiki:

Start GCode:

G28 ;home all axes
G1 Z0.2 F1200 ;raise nozzle
G92 E0 ;reset extrusion distance
G1 X100 Y0 E12 F600 ;purge nozzle
G92 E0 ;reset extrusion distance


End GCode: 

M104 S0 ; turn off hotend/extruder heater
M140 S0 ; turn off bed heater
G91 ; set to relative positioning
G1 E-2 F300 ; retract the filament a bit before lifting the nozzle to release some of the pressure
G1 Z1 ; raise Z 1mm from current position
G1 E-2 F300 ; retract filament even more
G90 ; set to absolute positioning
G1 X20 ; move X axis close to tower but hopefully far enough to keep the fan from rattling
G1 Y120 ; move bed forward for easier part removal
M84 ; disable motors
G4 S360 ; keep fan running for 360 seconds to cool hotend and allow the fan to be turned off - adjust to your needs
M107 ; turn off fan. Don't use M106 S1. Some say M107 doesn't work for them but if the hotend is below 70 degrees it should work



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Posted · Restarting print job after cancelling

I have the same problem but I use the default MP Select Mini profile in Cura 3.2.1. Any ideas?

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