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Cura 3 with UM3 3dsolex hardcore (add printcore options)

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This is a complex subject.  

1) Partly because normal cores are one nozzle size and hardcores can be on of at least 7 possible nozzle sizes and can be brass, steel, or ruby so really 7 brass types, 5 ruby types, and one steel type.  Or 13 types all which might print at different temperatures, speeds, layer heights, etc.  The "AA 0.4" core alone has about 80 profiles (there's one for each quality level multiplied by one for each material plus compatibility files (which materials are compatible) need updating and so on.


So there would have to be about 80 X 13 nozzle types or about 1000 files to edit/create.

Having said that, there is a utility to create the first 80 or so for the hardcore with the 0.4 nozzle.  I can give you that if you want but you will need to understand what it does first.

2) Now there is a problem with this.  If your hardcore comes up as "HardCore" or "AA 0.4" (3dsolex used to sell them the first way but now only sells them the second way I think) and in Cura you use a profile called say "HC 0.4" then cura connect won't work.  You won't be able to print over the network.  Which might really suck for you.  But if the core is programmed as "HardCore" and I send you my little utility such that you have a set of "HardCore" profiles (only a single drop down is added and it's designed for 0.4 nozzle only) then, "yay!" because you can use cura connect.  But "boo!" because it is no different than the "AA 0.4" and you might have a 0.6mm nozzle on your hardcore.




So really, in the end, hopefully your HazrdCore is programmed as "AA 0.4" and you can just change the line width in Cura to match the nozzle width.  That is the main difference.  In addition I drop the temperature 15C when I use my HardCore with a 0.8mm nozzle because, well, it just prints better there.

You can belive that all 80 profiles for the AA 0.4 are prefect and all 80 profiles for the AA 0.8 are perfect but in my experience you are going to have to mess with the temperature a little bit to get really good results no matter what.  Every person's printing style is just a bit different.  Even changing filament colors (e.g. White is a pain to print and needs to print cooler) can change what the ideal settings are and UM doesn't support that with differences due to color (looking forward to 2000 profiles per nozzle size instead of just 80?).  So you are going to have to tweak things a bit no matter what.


The most important thing is to set the line width to the nozzle width and then to look over the obvious things: layer height should "match" nozzle width somewhat - so print maybe .3mm or .4mm layer heights with .8mm nozzle.  Temperature should be lowered if you are getting lots of stringing or overhangs look bad.  By as much as 20C.  Shell width should probably be a multiple of line width (otherwise it will do some purposefully underextruded shells to get it to add up).  Those are the key differences from nozzle to nozzle: line width, temperature, shell width, layer height.


If your hardcore is programmed as "HardCore" and you want to use cura connect, the special profile creator program is here: http://gr5.org/hc/


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It says Hardcore when it is loaded in the printer.


What I am looking to do is basically just set up a profile to save for lets say I have a .6 nozzle in. I want to be able to just select it and be good to go once I have it set up. What I don't want to do is change my AA 0.4 settings, change a printcore or nozzle, and forget what settings I had or have to record them and change them constantly.


If that is possible to do.


I snagged that profile creator. I cant figure out how to save the profiles though. I can click create profile and name it, but it doesn't save.

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