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PVA support material crackles as it extrudes

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It is not ruined. It is just going to crackle and pop a bit and tend to produce more carbon on the nozzle. It is what it is. But I would not junk the spool. But, if you are using a space heater, it can still absorb moisture from the open air. At least with space heaters I am used to using.


An oven with tight controls or a food dehydrator works best.


But as long as it continues to print and provide support, use it. That stuff is expensive.

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When your PVA has too much moisture, we recommend heating the filament for 2 hours at 45-55 °C. The easiest way to do this is by putting the spools on the heated build plate (for example in a carton box) at the required temperature (45-55 °C). Warning: do not use a household oven. Make sure that the PVA filament has cooled to room temperature before inserting it into the 3D printer.

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