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Extruder stuck at the end of my prints

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Hi guys,


I've been a proud user of Cura 15.x for years on my UM2 printer. I've recently switched to Cura 3 because of the slicer's better efficiency to handle smooth walls.

However, I've been having a fairly strange issue on some of my prints. At the end of the print, the extruder head stays in place and remains hot for hours instead of homing. The heatbed also stays in place without homing down. Consequently, the part is locally ruined since the head remains in contact with it.

I have to manually abort the print to "solve" the issue.


The problem appeared with 2 different gcodes, both of them relatively large (7h prints). It does not seem to appear on smaller, faster prints.


Any ideas?


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I haven't had this problem.  I usually use cura 15.04 for my Um2 but occasionally I need a cura 3.X feature and it's worked fine for me.


However I have heard the advice to add M25 to the end of gcode files for the UM2.


Supposedly that helps the UM2 know that you are at the end of the file?  I don't understand it exactly.

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Thank you for your reply. I went through the gcode and indeed the end structure looks very different:


Cura 15.x:

G0 F9000 X135.664 Y111.928 Z135.786
M25 ;Stop reading from this point on.

Cura 3:


M82 ; absolute extrusion mode

Does anyone know about some setting that would revert Cura 3 to the old behavior? I wouldn't like to have to edit all of my gcodes manually...

Thanks again!

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You are indeed asking the next logical question but first make sure the M25 even makes a difference for you.  If it does we can ask them to fix cura 3.X and insert the M25 at the end for UM2 printer profiles.  If not there's no point in bugging the cura team.  Also note that there are other work arounds - you can print UM2 in reprap mode (instead of ultigcode) and then you get to control the start/stop gcodes and can add a M25.


But first see if this even works.


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