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Suggestion: Easy Change Nozzle Size

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I change my nozzle relatively often, and right now I either have to edit the machine definition, or copy it. While I can see that a number of settings may be effected together with a nozzle change, recreating the printer settings 6 times is a pain.


Could there be an easier way to select this from the print settings screen, or could a button "duplicate machine" be added to make it easier to create 6 identical printers which differ (at least on creation) only by nozzle size?


Thanks again, CURA is awesome!

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If you're using a UM3 or UM3E, you just need to use the dropdown menu called 'Printcores', at the top right corner of the CURA screen. If you have another model or brand, I'm not sure. But CURA allows you to add printers easily, so I guess you could create several 'ghost' machines? Use the 'Add' button on the 'Preferences -> Printers' menu.

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On 2/9/2018 at 2:56 PM, lance-greene said:

the latest version of cura doesnt even list nozzle size since it doesnt really matter, what matters is the line width. just use the latest cura (3.2) and you wont have this issue anymore

I'm actually going to push back on this - while the reasons may be in line with what yellowshark is saying, I have printed with the wrong nozzle installed and found it was a lot harder to get the prints to come out.


If the setting is worth in putting in, it's worth making a bit more accessible than this one is. I could see the claim that many things are dependent on it, but I would like to see the setting more accessible.

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