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question about scaling an object inside cura 3.1

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hello. new user to cura.  so i have a door detail that i am trying to print, it shows fine in the model view, but layer view it mostly disappears.  - this is when the stl file is opened in cura directly.  if i scale that model up in xyz in cura, would that detail become visible since it is larger, or do i have to make it larger in my 3d software then reexport as an stl and reopen in cura.



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Hello, welcome to the forms. :)


The thing to keep in mind is that it can only 'sample' the height of a layer or about twice the width of a line width accurately. This based on the Nyquist frequency. So enlarging the model can throw it out of scale overall. But if you can 'beef' up the details a bit, it can help.

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thank you!  tons of great reading here!


oh boy, so scaling up a lot can introduce got it. didn't think of that, but yeah makes total sense.  so it's probably important that i figure out a way to get my stl create so that it comes into cura at a reasonable size according to the size i want to print it.  i model in 1 unit = 1 inch so that will take some extra preparation.


yeah, i see what you mean then also about beef up the details - fudge it! :)

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yep...fudge it. You will develop a feel for how to fake the system out as you go along and gain experience. But it is a balance between time to print and when to demonstrate the results. I look forward to seeing the things you come up with :)


Also, keep in mind that when you do have to get into the really tight stuff, there are other nozzle options other than the 0.4.

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Layer view is perfect to see what will be printed and what is not.

For a locomotive cabin for example i had to rotate 45 degree left-wright and then another 45 degree front- back to print small details.

the cabin look like a balerina in preview.

Maybe that help.

Load the stl and play with rotate.


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kman and gigi thanks for replies, sorry for late response.  great points!


kman yeah i started figuring that is the case, just like rendering an animation, trade between time and detail/quality.  nice to have confirmation.  sometimes i can be real picky!  i did notice my cr10s came with a different and smaller nozzle! .2mm i think.


gigi thank you, i will check put your model and now that ypu say that, I will play with the model of a building i am printing right now.  


so does the preview always show accurately?  for example i have a building with window frames (these are mullions which in this case are vertical frames, single line inreal life are 2.5in wide by however tall that i had to scale up about 3x their width in order to get them to print, well the bottom where it sits on a window sill, sometimes doest show up in the layer preview.  like the very bottom, 5 layers about whereas the rest of its 50 layers donahow up.


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