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Theo Jones

Cura updates delete custom profiles

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The update didn't change my settings. I wonder if it is OS specific. I'm running W10 on a lenovo thinkpad.


I also allowed it to uninstall the previous version.


My extensions are also still present, though I have no idea if they work (I've never actually used them :| )

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I allowed uninstallation as well. I went in more detail in the other thread....


On 2/9/2018 at 8:38 AM, AbeFM said:

When installing 3.2, I got an error about the config file, and CURA wouldn't run until I let it wipe out configurations. Is there an easy way to get all that back?


I did find a saved project file from fairly recently, and that brought in many settings (filaments definitions and all) but that seems tied to the machine.


Kinda a vague question, but any help would be appreciated - importing the few good settings from 3.1 would be awesome.  Thanks!


As a note, you might try loading an old project to get a possible snapshot of your settings at the time.

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