Hi, I started 3D printing with a Wanhao D6. I was very frustrated because I was not able to get the first layer to stick due to my missing experiences in manual leveling the bed. When I ordered the UM3 one week later I was soooo happy to get a auto-leveling function!   I first leveld the bed manually and activated the 'auto leveling' with the 'before every print' setting. As excited as I was, I watched the leveling process.... but I noticed that the nozzle pressed down on the front of the bed and bended it slightly. Well the first layer sticked very good but there was a continuous crackle sound while printing. When I layed my finger gently on the Z thread-rod I was able to feel a tiny jump every time with the crackle sound. So I think the sound was the Z axis adjusting the bed automatically while printing.   Well the object had bad Z wobble so I tried to deactivate the auto leveling. Sadly there is no direct option for that!   I learned that there is a difference between the frequent measuring process and the auto leveling while printing. The UM3 saves the alignment of the bed after he measured it. Even when you deactivate the measureing process you still get the auto leveling while printing. I first had to deactivate the measuring process and then make a manual leveling to overwrite the saved alignment and to deactivate the auto leveling while printing.   Have I overlooked something?   Since I deactivated it, I have no Z wobble anymore.... but I'm very disappointed and upset to have spend money on a cool function and not be able to use it. Every time I see a review video on youtube mentioning the 'COOL' auto leveling function I get goose bumps!     What are your experiences? Did I something wrong? Is there something wrong with my hardware?