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POST print_job with nodeJS

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I try to start a print job over the API of my Ultimaker 3. I read the example in this post

 and tried to port the code from python to nodeJS, but the POST request is just hanging.



var request = require("request");
var fs = require('fs');
var formData = {
    "file": {
      value: fs.createReadStream('C:\\Users\\efentzahn\\IKIMUNI_Schornstein_simple2.gcode'),
      options: {
        filename: 'IKIMUNI_Schornstein_simple2.gcode'

request.post( {url: '',
              auth: { user: '45fa38b52ea5a998c085145930356bd6', pass: '63bb0fc18a39ba7c787805e80f0be1211144f4083de634deb57f7e7819a640ec', sendImmediately: false},
              formData: formData},
function(error, response, body){
    if (!error && response.statusCode == 201){
        console.log("Print started.");
        console.log('Code : ' + response.statusCode)
        console.log('error : ' + error)
        console.log('body : ' + body);


The auth is working. It must be a problem with the formData. Have anyone tried this with nodeJS until now?

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It's been a while since I developed anything in Node, but in general the code looks ok.


How long have you waited? Maybe you're trying to post a very big file?


As a first thing, I would try doing an /api/v1/auth/verify request. Just as a sanity check to test if you are correctly submitting the username and password.


If that is working, maybe you can try some of the easier calls that don't need a multipart form, like setting the LED brightness?


Otherwise, you may need to check your multipart form code. I know this can be complicated in many languages and it looks like the syntax is ok, but you never know.

(I used Google to find this: https://github.com/request/request#multipartform-data-multipart-form-uploads )

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The login is working and doing PUT request like pause a print works fine in node.js.

The file is 340kbyte "big". That should be transmitted very fast. After a few seconds (maybe 10?) node ends with the error: "socket hang up".


I think the problem is the multipart form part, but i have no clue what it is exactly. I already googled a lot and the code posted above is developed with this example from the request library. But the correct names and needed fields in the multipart form is dependent to the Ultimaker API. So, I have the strong feeling that a Ultimaker developer have to take a look at the code.

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Hi everybody ! Any update on this one? i'm facing the same result on nodejs.


Moreover : 

I tried with multiple tools : 

- Insomnia : works as expected -> It's possible to start a print job

- Curl command line : works as expected -> It's possible to start a print job

- Post Man : Cannot make it work ( error code : 400 Bad request :  "message": "No file received")

- Python3 : same as PostMan ( the file seems to be received by the printer as i see message in printer's log : (but seems empty?)


Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[450]: 2019-02-12 10:58:10,096 INFO     printJob        Saving received file UM3_MusicNoteKeyChainXL.gcode",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[450]: 2019-02-12 10:58:10,118 INFO     printJob        File saved as /tmp/UM3_MusicNoteKeyChainXL.gcode",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: 2019-02-12 10:58:10,125 INFO     controller      Request to start procedure: PRINT",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: 2019-02-12 10:58:10,130 ERROR    controller      Exception in procedure start",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: Traceback (most recent call last):",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: File \"/usr/share/griffin/griffin/printer/controller.py\", line 455, in startProcedure",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: if not procedure.setup(parameters):",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: File \"/usr/share/griffin/griffin/printer/procedures/print/printProcedure.py\", line 102, in setup",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: self._parse_header_step.getFileHandler().cleanup()",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[418]: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'cleanup'",
        "Feb 12 10:58:10 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30046a1 python3[450]: 2019-02-12 10:58:10,137 WARNING  printJob        Print of UM3_MusicNoteKeyChainXL could not be started"


All others API ( led, blink, message... ) are working well with digest auth but this one ( maybe because of the multipart/form-data aspect) is not working consistently for me.


Can anyone provide support on handling Print_job api from a webapp (nodejs / python? ) / or a working code?



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I moved to python3 and here is my working code:

    def StartPrint(parent, file):
        logger.info("Start print job. File: ")
        if os.path.exists(file):
            jobname = os.path.basename(file)
            filepath = file
            # Start a print 
            r = requests.post('', auth=requests.auth.HTTPDigestAuth('45fa38b52ea5a998c085145930356bd6', '63bb0fc18a39ba7c787805e80f0be1211144f4083de634deb57f7e7819a640ec'), files={"file": (jobname, open(filepath, "rb"))} )
            if r.status_code == 201:
                return True
                return False
          logger.info("File doesn't exist!")
          return False

You have to change the IP and auth data to your device.

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