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More than one week prints

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I have been out of town for a week. During that time, I let my printers just run. One print was right at 7 days. The other one was 9 days or a little more. Now, they had been running for a few days before I left so I was pretty sure that they would not knock over and create a giant mushroom of material in the printhead. Printer's held up with grace while away.

This print however, says it is finished, but is only about 50% done. This is odd. I will post logs and g-code to review for that one.



This one actually is finished. It was the 9 + day print. No telling how long to get the PVA out as it has a load of voids and tight spaces to get the water to. I anticipate at least a week,



So, with all that in mind, I am shutting off the printers for the night and just going to bed.

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That shows you how tired I was when I wrote that. I actually ran that through the Cura Connect without saving to g-code. :( But, I did dump the logs and am resetting my printers right now. I think something glitched a bit with Cura Connect as I had to reset both printers for them to be seen and available on the browser.


The monster that took just over 9 days was run through the USB stick on the other machine.


And, for the slight aggravation, I am most happy to have returned from the trip to a working printer and no atomic filament mushroom clouds up me printheads.... :)

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Ah - kman done sleeping already?  Was the failing printer the master printer or the slave printer?  I'm not sure but it's possible if the master printer lost network connection to the slave printer... not sure what would happen.  


I know your printers were on a UPS but did you put the router on a UPS also?


Curious what happens if you start a print in cura connect on the "slave" printer and then cut power to the router or unplug the ethernet cable.


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1. No, not done sleeping. Just could not breathe and had to get up. Sinuses are still messed up so I had to get vertical.  At least I can visit with my babies while I have to be vertical. Even if I feel poopy, they an still work. I did just shut them off last night....that was a long day.


2. Those are good questions and the only one I can give an answer to is the UPS for the router....nope....did not think of that. But, my understanding is that once the printer sends the job, it resides on the printing computer and just runs after that.


3. I still maintain that the one that did complete is the one I needed to truly be complete. That was the 9+ day print and to be honest, I was not sure I wanted to kill that much time again so soon. So, now it is soaking and will probably take a week to get it out of all the teenitsy voids in that thing......

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