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Move plate at diferent heights in Z axis

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Posted · Move plate at diferent heights in Z axis

Hi! I have an Ultimaker Extended 3, I can move the bed in the Z axis to de top and to the button of de ultimaker System-built plate-raise or lower. Now I´m trying to set the bed in diferent heights, but i cant find any way, I´m thinking of writing a comand in gcode, but I dont know if there is another way to get it manually o easier than that because I dont know so much about gcode. 


Thanks in advance!

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Posted · Move plate at diferent heights in Z axis

Here's my recommended way:


Frist put your UM3 into developer mode - it's in the menus on the UM3.  Your machine needs to be on your network (wifi or ethernet) if it isn't already.  Once it's on the network it will show the IP address at the top of the main screen.

Next you need ssh which is built into linux and Macintosh terminal but not windows.  For windows I recommend putty:

In putty you don't type the "ssh" part but just put the ultimaker@111.222.333.444 part and click "open".

ssh ultimaker@  (don't enter - enter the ip address listed on your UM3)
ultimaker/ultimaker   (much easier than root/ultimaker as it takes you straight into the utility to do sendgcode)

At this point you can send any gcode to the printer and experiment.  So to move the bed 10mm from nozzle:

sendgcode G0 Z10.0


To home the Z:

sendgcode G28 Z0


To move 3 of the 4 axes at once:

sendgcode G0 X100 Y100 Z100


You might have to home the axes on the front panel before you can move them but I think this will work fine.  gcodes are very simple and you can read about them here:



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