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Mathieu Kunetz

Trouble with colored ABS from Neofil3D

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Posted (edited) · Trouble with colored ABS from Neofil3D



I'm currently trying to print various model in different colors and encoutered some problems with ABS materials from Neofil3D.


I'm using an UM2+ printer and usually set the temperatures to 250 for the Nozzle and 100 for the buildplate, and the models print just fine if I use Ultimaker's filaments. However some colors I needed were not avaiable with Ultimaker so I bought two additional filaments from Neofil3D, and encountered two separate problem:


ABS Lila from Neofil3D: Despite the same settings, the material does not adhere to the buildplate.

M-ABS Sky blue from Neofil3D: The model printed, yet the structure was gritty on the side and the object in general was more fragile than it should be.


Did you encounter the same kind of problems in the past and if so did you manage to resolve the issue by changing some settings ?


Thank you in advance.

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Posted · Trouble with colored ABS from Neofil3D

While I do not print with ABS, I can say that color changes can affect performance of printing. Temps, speeds and such would be the first tweaks I would mess with.


@gr5 has a great tutorial on how to make things stick. I hope he sees the tag and posts the link to the video.


He has stated that he hopes people go from complaining it will not stick to it sticks too well LOL  ;p

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Posted · Trouble with colored ABS from Neofil3D

Well, the properties of ABS filaments vary quite a lot and the Ultimaker "ABS" is even a blend of ABS, PC and PET, supposedly to make it easier to print.


For a pure ABS on the UM2+ I would use the following settings/tricks:

- Print temperature 255-260 C

- Bed temperature 95-100 C

- Fans off (unless the model is really tiny).

- Properly cleaned glass plate with two tin layers of Tesa Easy Stick glue.

- Some sort of front cover for the printer if the model takes more than a few hours to print.


That said, I have found some really cheap Chinese ABS to be almost unprintable while other more expensive ABS can print fine already at 235 C, so it can vary quite a bit..

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