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image.png.1bc992915d766dc7cb6c7c6f1522ac24.pngThis is a cover that I installed on my printer.

Since then my impressions have improved immensely.

They sell a cover for Ultimaker 3. But I find it unsightly and very expensive.

So carry out this idea, which is simple, cheap and aesthetic and works perfectly for me.

It deals with a superior frame, a cardboard laminated with a vinyl and folded in zip-zap (accordion). and some small guide pieces,

The cardboard is plasticized with a vinyl to which heat is applied with an iron,

The frame and the guide pieces then with the printer.

The printer also has a front cover, this is purchased.

Well you can see it in the video.
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7 hours ago, Swissengineer said:

Como la idea! pero ¿qué hay de la impresión PLA? También la acumulación de polvo me preocupa... 

Well I do not print in PLA, I print in ABS, HIPS, ASA, and I have not had any problem with dust,
With PLA, only make a couple of impressions, when you buy the machine, to test it, with the filament that came in the purchase.
But you gave me an idea about it.
And I'm going to place inside a small fan, making the air pass through a filter, composed of active carbon and fiber, the elements I already have, because I use them to filter the water of an aquarium that I own.
I'm going to do this not because of the dust, but because of the vapors that ABS gives off, ASA etc., which are not healthy. And the dust will filter it sim problem.
As soon as I have time, I'll do it and put it in the forum.
Thanks for the comment, you gave me a good idea.

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I like the idea. But I must agree that with the printhead moving between those edges in the slit (fore and aftward) I would think it would grind some dust into the environment.

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Had to change direction of movement
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  Well, it does not produce dust, because the rubbing is between the plastic tube and the vinyl, with which the cardboard is lined,
There are already many impressions that I have made with the cover, and I have not observed any wear.
This cover is a prototype, I am designing a definitive one and in certain places I will be wearing a Teflon adhesive tape, which I was expecting to receive, and received today.
And the rubbing site that you indicate will carry this Teflon tape. But in any case it does not produce dust.

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9 minutes ago, M-RAGA said:



Pues explico como realice la cubierta y pongo los archivos.

lo primero plastifique dos cartulinas por las dos caras, con este vinilo que venden para plastificar tela, pero plastifica perfectamente la cartulina,



A las dos cartulinas y les realice unos dobleces en Zip zap de aproximadamente 15 mm, y un total de 42 o 43 dobleces, el ancho será de 32 cm. en un extremo  unos cortes como en la foto.

Lo mejor es marcar con una regla y lápiz las distancias de 15 mm, y ayudarnos de una regla para que los dobleces queden iguales.




Impresas las piezas de plástico de la cubierta, según están diseñadas se montan como indican las fotos, se imprimen dos de estas piezas.



Para montar el armazón utilice tornillos m3, unas tuercas insertables, y unos clips.


Se intrduce el pliege cortado en la pieza de plastico y se atornilla.




Con los clips se sujeta el otro extremo en las piezas de platico como en las fotos



y se monta el armazón. yo los uní con cortes de varilla de aluminio, pero se puede utilizar cualquier tipo de varilla,



Imprimí las piezas con filamento ASA, natural, con ASA blanco supongo que el tono seria más parecido al de la impresora, lo digo para el que quiera seguir la estética,




















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