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Printing round models

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Can you share some details about your printer, nozzle size, filament, print settings etc?


It would also help to see this print in the position it was oriented on the plate.  The gaps appear to be at their maximum nearly 180 deg apart.


For example, if this was an UMO, I'd check the xy stepper belt tension first, then move up to the larger belts, and go from there.



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Thanks for the reply John

printer wanhao duplicator v2.1/ 0.4 nozzle/ PLA /Cura 3.1 0.2-brimm 0.8-wall 0.8-top/b0.8-comp wall overlaps-hide seam-infill 20--retr 1.5-cooling-speed 60 mm/s

pos see picture


im chekking belts/stepper 


report back if there are results


wr Henk

20180425_092650[556]_LI - kopie.jpg

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have checked every bolt
a more closer look shows a mistake in the print direction at 4 places
see image
now i think that the y axis stepper motor skips steps at direction change
have ordered a new one
fingers crossed🤞


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found an old post
that pointed me in the right direction https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/19494-circles-are-not-fully-round/


my x / y frame was not 90 degrees square 



have tacled this  with braces and the print result 
is finally good

w r Henk






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